As Dancing Ink Productions evolved from working with individuals to communities to global organizations, it became clear that people and the institutions that serve society are in a state of transition. We spent five years working across many continents and countries to explore the patterns and implications of this shift. 


We call this period The Imagination Age. The Glyphs of the Imagination Age were created to structure new ways of thinking and working together. The Bureau of Applied Imagination (Bureau of AI) was created to field requests from organizations and individuals looking to shape the future. 


Imagination is how our brains make sense of where we are and where we want to go. Some people are fantasizers with vivid imaginations that they don't necessarily apply to specific problems. Others are followers who prefer to tread a path cut for them by others. The Imagination Age is for people in between who want to apply imagination in a pragmatic way, and in collaboration with others. Read more about our Principles for Applied Imagination. 

"The Glyphs look like ancient cave paintings from the future." 

Chris Capobianco, Google engineer and creative catalyst at Science House.