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I've been a writer since the first time I picked up a pencil. 

As a teenager I wrote and directed documentaries about social issues and aired them on public access television. 

For years, I wrote stories about people's lives for private use in families so they could understand each other on a deeper level. My work with individuals expanded when I became a local beat reporter, covering every aspect of civic life from government to education and healthcare. From there, I became an investigative journalist covering complex systems.

As my work expanded, I started to see trends in the way people live and work, and how those patterns are impacted by technology. I became a futurist. At every stage of my career, writing is at the heart of my work. 

My work with org design and culture impacts my writing and vice versa. This interview captures it

I am represented by Anna Sproul-Latimer at Neon Literary.

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